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Our scenarios do not actually provide a "Pass" or "Fail" indicator. While the Arthur Scenario Simulator is set up to emulate the NCMHCE scenarios, we are not directly affiliated with NBCC who administers the NCMHCE. Therefore, we do not know the actual pass/fail criteria used for the NCMHCE. To our knowledge, NBCC does not publicize this information. However, it is our understanding that the "pass" point for each scenario of the NCMHCE is set by NBCC's examination committee, and so the exact "pass" point may vary from one exam to another, depending on the scenarios included on the exam you attempt.

NBCC's information about NCMHCE scoring can be found on page 12 of the nbcc handbook found here:

We recommend that you use the practice scenarios 1-37 to become comfortable with the exam format and to understand the types of DSM-5 related questions that are typical of the NCMHCE. To determine if you are in a good score range, take 10 scenarios and tally up the total points for all correct responses. Both your Information Gathering and Decision Making scores should fall within the 66% - 72% range. For scenarios 20-37, drop the range to 59% - 65% as they are more difficult.

Anecdotal feedback from many customers shows that the Arthur Scenarios are more difficult than the actual scenarios of the NCMHCE, so that if you do well on our scenarios, you should do well on the exam. Remember, just because your scores do not fall into the range stated above does not necessarily mean you won't pass the NCMHCE. Dr. Arthur's advice is to continue taking the scenarios - note you can take them over again as many times as you like.

We do not know every customer's pass/fail history, but we do know that based on the percentage of customers who request their money back based on our Pass Guarantee, our customer's pass rate is 95%. Many customers call or write to us of their success. We'd love to hear your feedback as well!

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