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If you purchased a NCE package you get access on your Profile page.

You can choose an exam to get started or choose to review an exam already begun.

In the Downloads section all three formats of the eBook are available for download.

If you purchased the NCE Basic package you can buy 2 more online exams. If you purchased the ebook you can buy the hard copy.

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For each question choose one answer. For convenience the question is on longer bold when an answer is selected.

Move the the next question until you have completed an entire page of 20 questions.

Score Page

The score page displays your score and gives you feedback in all 8 areas along with the average score of all users to date.

You will see the answers you chose and whether they are correct or incorrect.

You can take the exam again or go to another exam. If you choose to take the exam again you currect score will be reset you will get a new score when.