NCE Study Tips

The best way to use Dr. Arthur's Study Guide to study for the NCE

We recommend completing the Pre-Assessment Exam in the Study Guide first to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and then, based on those results, decide what other material might be helpful. It is smart to prioritize your study time by focusing on terms, names, and ethics. Other suggestions:

  • Locate a study partner.
  • Attend a live preparatory seminar.
  • Take one chapter to work with you.
  • Take the Practice Examinations. They are built like the NCE. Frequently, manual purchasers provide me feedback which indicates that the pre-assessment examination and the Practice Examinations are more difficult than the actual NCE, so if you pass those, you should do well.

Best ways to study

We're always looking for useful study tips to help all of our users. If you have any to pass on to other users please send through the comments page.

Everyone in the community would appreciate your help.