Use epub on Android Devices

Step 1   You must have an eBook reader installed on your Android phone. To download an eBook reader, open the "Play Store" app on your phone. Then search for "ebook reader" and select and install the app of your choice. One example of a free eBook application that we can recommend is "Aldiko Book Reader."

Step 2   Using the browser on your phone, go to

Step 3   Tap the Menu button at top right of screen. Then tap the green Sign in button.

Step 4   Enter your account email and password. Then tap the Sign in button. This will take you to your Profile page.

Step 5   Scroll to the Downloads section at the bottom and tap Download for the first item in the list, which is the epub format that works on phones.

Step 6   After download of the epub file is complete, open your eBook app and import the epub file you have downloaded.

In Aldiko, you do this by tapping "File" then scroll down to the "eBooks" folder and tap it to open. Tap the epub file you downloaded, and then tap "Import" when prompted.

The file will download, and will then be ready to read by tapping the "cover."